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      Michigan DTV For Me

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      The transition to digital is the greatest challenge to television broadcasters since color TV was introduced and made widely available more than 40 years ago.

      Broadcasters in Michigan and around the country are responding to a mandate from the Federal Communications Commission. This requires a substantial investment of time and money to meet regulatory deadlines and complete the transition to digital broadcasting.

      This federal mandate also has significant meaning for television viewers, who will see not only greater quality and variety as a result of the transition, but also other benefits that digital broadcasting will enable.

      The Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters are going beyond the regulatory requirements and helping you, the viewers and consumers of Michigan, to better understand what the transition will mean.

      The goal of this site is to provide consumers with straightforward, unbiased information about the boom beach hack tool features and potential of digital television, including dramatically improved picture astuces clash of clans and sound, high-definition programming, and multi-casting. This site also will cover issues related to cable and satellite delivery of digital and high definition signals from broadcasters